logistics procurement solution


Logistics procurement solution for negotiating the best transportation rates. As freight rates can be extremely complex it can be challenging to cut through the maths to really understand the true total cost. Our software makes this easy, both reducing the workload of the logistics procurement process and delivering hard savings through lower rates.


  • better rates through accurate comparison and feedback
  • elimination of complexity and workload on analysis
  • flexible scenario modelling for strategic decisions
  • considers total cost of ownership (inventory, finance and freight)
  • full transparency trail in line with audit and compliance standards


  • participants quote on-line or in validated Excel template (clean data)
  • complex rate-structures compared apples‐to‐apples (on total cost of all elements)
  • easy generation of constructive feedback (help carriers improve their offer)
  • flexible and intuitive analysis and reporting
  • 1st and 2nd level dedicated support
  • fully cloud based web‐application (no complex implement­ation required)
  • frequent upgrades
  • standardized pricing models (for all industries)